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During the decade of the 1980’s, the cemetery

found that they were receiving an increased

number of requests for burials of cremains.  In

1985, after a considerable time spent investi-

gating the best size, design and location, the

Board purchased a 96-niche Columbarium.  

Concurrent with its purchase, decisions were

made about the cost of niches, rules and

regulations concerning their use, and the type

of lettering on the outside.  It was also crucial

to choose the best location in the cemetery,

bearing in mind that future needs may require

the placing of  additional units.  The site

selected was the southwest area of Memorial Parkway, a beautiful place that is easy to locate.

Through the years, the cemetery has been very fortunate to have the support of its many lot owners and friends.  Gifts were given to the Perpetual Care Fund for the purchase of trees, and money from wills has been used for many purposes, such as the brightening up of flower beds and installation of granite benches.

An overall view of accomplishments at Woodlawn Cemetery during this decade reveals some impressive facts and figures:

-  About $65,000 was spent on maintenance of the cemetery    Roads.

-  Nearly 150 trees were removed and replaced with more than 300    new trees at a cost of $2,350.  Many of the new trees came from    the cemetery’s tree nursery.

-  A condensed financial statement was prepared by the Board of Directors for distribution to lot owners.

-  Valuable Pettigrew and Beebe papers were presented to the Siouxland Heritage Museums as a result of    research done for a historical brochure about the cemetery.

-  Future expansion areas in the south part of the cemetery were drawn into plots and named.  

-  The cemetery cooperated with the City of Sioux Falls in the project to widen the intersection of 26th    Street and Cliff Avenue.  The Cemetery Association deeded 25 feet of the northeast corner of the    cemetery to the city.  Woodlawn also graded down the elevation at the corner to improve overall    landscaping.  One stone pier was removed and a matching stone pier was constructed to follow    Woodlawn’s tradition of having a pier at every corner of the cemetery.

During the 1990’s the Woodlawn staff continued to maintain and enhance the cemetery.  Old trees were removed and replaced with new trees in more suitable locations.    New areas of the cemetery were surveyed, with new plots designed and roads extended into the new areas.  Constant attention was paid to the health of the lawns, trees and shrubs.  Much needed equipment was also purchased.

In 1990 the first hospitality tent was erected for the Memorial Day weekend.

In 1998 the board authorized the purchase of a second Rock of Ages columbarium.  This 96-niche building has larger niches to accommodate taller and wider cremains containers.  There is space provided in the Memorial Parkway for additional columbariums in the future.

A very memorable event took place in November 2001 when Kenneth L. Tschetter was buried.  Once the funeral coach was inside the 26th Street gate, Mr. Tschetter was transferred to a horse drawn hearse.  The windowed, curtained hearse and the dapple gray Percheron horses pulling the hearse are owned by the Tschetter family.  There was an entourage walking in front and in back as he was transported through the cemetery during a beautiful light snow to his final resting place.

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