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Copyright ©  2016 - Woodlawn Cemetery Association, 2001 South Cliff Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD  57105


    The owners of a lot may plant perennial shrubs and plants as approved by the Association.  Annuals shall be planted in planters.  The number and placement of planters must be approved by Association staff.  All planters currently in use must be placed on a cement stepping stone.  Planters may be removed by the Association if not properly filled, painted, or are cracked, broken or generally neglected and determined to be unsightly.  From and after the effective date of these Rules, all planters may be purchased from the Association.

    The Association retains control of all trees, shrubs, plants and flowers and retains

the right of removal if such become wilted, die or are unsightly.  No member, owner or other individual may remove any tree or shrub without the written consent of the Association.   Planters that are unplanted during the summer months may be removed and stored by the Association.  


    Seasonal artificial flowers and wreaths are allowed at graves and the Columbarium areas ONLY during the following periods:  

                  A. From October 1st through April 1st

                   B. Easter - seven days before and seven days after Easter Sunday.

    Artificial flowers and wreaths shall be removed at the expiration of time limits. If not, such decorations will be removed by the Association and held for thirty (30) days. If not then reclaimed, the decorations will be discarded.  In addition, the Association reserves the right to remove, at any time, any artificial flowers or wreaths which, in its opinion, becomes unsightly.  


    American flags, not to exceed 12" x 9" in size, and if not tattered, faded or torn, may be displayed at any time in a flag holder approved by the Association.  


       BABY SECTION:  

    In addition to the decorations permitted above, three other decorations are permitted e.g. stuffed toys, flags, balloons, or similar items.  


    On the following special occasions, the deceased’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or date of death, other decorations such as ornamental flags, pinwheels, balloons, statues and similar items may be placed at the burial site for a period of 48 hours if the Association is notified in advance.  If the additional decorations are not removed at the expiration of the time limits, items will be stored for 30 days and if not reclaimed, discarded.  

 No other ornamentation at any other time shall be permitted.  

       FLOWER FUND:  

    A Flower Fund is available.  An amount of money is paid, invested and the interest used to provide the planting of an urn or urns in the Spring and a wreath at Christmas time. This is a one time charge.

    This service gives family members the peace of mind that there will always be something at the grave site of their loved ones.

       The prices are as follows:

            $1,450.00 – 1 urn planted every Spring, no wreath

            $1,750.00 – 1 urn planted in the Spring and 1 Christmas

                              wreath or 2 urns planted and no Christmas wreath

            $2,400.00 – 2 urns planted in the Spring and 1 Christmas wreath